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Trucking Invoicing Software

The Trucking Software provided by MyBizPad can help your trucking company invoice accurately and merge all the important documentation you will need to collect and get funding on your freight bills. The Invoice template is designed for the trucking industry, and your customers will enjoy the simple, easy to understand invoice template and organized documentation in one PDF file.

Optional feature will turn off the assignment language for non-factored accounts and run through the accounting system as a non-pledged account.

Trucking Companies - $99.00 Per Month

Invoicing and Factoring Management

  • Custom Customer Rates
  • Create Invoices
  • Mobile Image Uploading
  • Merge PDF and Images
  • Email Clients
  • Sales and Accounting Reports
  • Pay Bills
  • Post Payments
  • Admin Alerts
  • Realtime Aging Reports
  • Access for up to 30 users
  • Automatic backups
  • Track inventory
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Print Checks
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Customer Rates

MyBizPad™ was developed to insure accurate and quick billing processes that will prevent misbilling errors. Every Customer you enter into the database has the option to set up custom load rates if needed. You can run pricing reports to review all the rates assigned by Customer.

If you are manually entering rates or copying and pasting from an excell sheet, it will be just a matter of time before for a billing mistake to occur. As your customer base increases with custom variable rates, misbilling errors will occur and can hold up payments, cause chargebacks to your future invoices and hold up funding from your factoring company.

Driver Reports

Once you generate your invoice, you can run a report of the drivers for each load they delivered.

Post Payments and Pay Bills

Enjoy all the accounting features including factoring management accounting. Print checks for drivers or vendors.

Inventory Module

Has ability to update inventory items if needed for items you may need to stock or sell from time to time.

Merging Images with Bill of Lading

Mobile Imaging module helps trucking companies consolidate and organize the bill of lading and rate confirmation sheets coming in from drivers. MyBizPad™ compresses images to insure that the size remains email compliant and does not overload your customer’s email in trying to receive an invoice with images and pdf documents. We easily merge png and jpeg images with pdf documents and create 1 pdf file to email your customer.

Factoring Management

MyBizPad™ created a unique module for trucking companies that are factoring receivables. Creates an automated folder for every invoice and batches all the files related to the invoice into 1 pdf for your factoring company. Inputs the assignment language on the factored accounts along with the schedule of accounts.

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