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MyBizPad™ | Invoicing Software with Accounts Receivable Factoring…

Invoicing Software
with Invoice Factoring Solutions.

Creates estimates, invoices, purchase orders,
inventory tracking, invoice factoring
management and more.


New Users


Apartment Staffing Co

$500,000 Monthly Sales

Valve Distributor

Invoicing and Factoring Submission Products

Unlimited Mobile Image Uploading and 2 Year Data Storage

  • Invoice, merge documents, email clients and submit for funding in minutes
Temp Staffing
  • Invoicing
  • Custom Rate per Client
  • Staffing Invoice Template
  • Mobile Image Merging
  • Time Totals Generator
  • Email Clients
  • Factoring Management
  • Sales & Accounting
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Trucking Companies
  • Invoicing
  • Custom Rate per Client
  • Trucking Invoice Template
  • Mobile Image Merging
  • Email Clients
  • Inventory
  • Factoring Management
  • Sales & Accounting
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General Business
  • Invoicing
  • Custom Rate per Client
  • Mobile Image Merging
  • Email Clients
  • Inventory
  • Purchase Orders
  • Factoring Management
  • Sales & Accounting
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Submit Invoices for Funding in 1 Minute

  • Simple to Use Factoring Management
  • Sales Reports
  • Unlimited Mobile Image Uploading
  • Pay Bills - Post Payments
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Customers that use MyBizPad™ Enjoy The Benefits:

  • Invoicing system that manages clients sold on credit terms.
  • Submits invoices to the factoring company in less than 1 minute.
  • Post and monitor your factoring fees on a per invoice basis.
  • Post Early Payment Discounts from Customers against the invoice.
  • Monitor gross profit per invoice.
  • Increases daily cash flow.
  • Alerts in real-time on irregular invoicing or posting transactions.
  • Purchase Order Reporting on back orders and total committed value
  • Merge images with your invoices and create 1 pdf file to send to customers.
  • Mobile Image Management.
  • Email directly out of MyBizPad™

Learn more in this video about the General Business features that includes Inventory, Purchase Orders and Invoice Factoring Management.

Simple to Use Invoicing Software for any Business

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Regardless if you are a service-based business or an inventory related industry that sells on credit or cash terms, there are additional requirements your invoicing system MUST have in order to succeed. Businesses working on thin profit margins are subject to even more scrutiny in making sure pricing is updated on both cost and the sale price to insure accurate billing and profits.

What Makes MyBizPad™ Unique

Simplify and speed up the process in funding your invoices.

MyBizPad™ is a cloud based invoicing and accounting software system integrated with invoice factoring management tools.
It was created for businesses that invoice customers on credit terms and offers many real-time display features to manage accounts receivable and payables.

The invoice factoring module manages all invoices by grouping them together with the backup documentation in one file. Every customer on file has an on/off option to assign the account for invoice factoring making it much easier to separate the receivables from non-factored accounts.

Easily batches pending invoices to be submitted along with the backup documentation to your factoring company and creates a Schedule of Accounts (SOA) based on the pending invoices for assigned customers.

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