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MyBizPad™ was created to satisfy a need for business owners that require a full featured invoicing and accounting system that includes inventory control, purchase orders, receivables, payables, image merging and reporting. An unique optional feature is the invoice factoring management tools, which allows you to batch invoices and send directly to your factoring company with ease.
We have designed the platform with a dashboard that gives you the most vital information needed on a day to day basis. Everything is within one click, and no need to print out reports to get the information you seek.
The system was designed by a business owner that has owned in the past distribution companies in the automotive and coatings industry. During his years in selling to the automotive industry, there were not too many invoicing systems to select from that offered all the features mentioned above. Cloud based invoicing was not available at the time and everything had to be set up in servers at the business locations.Lady with laptop invoicing Many hours were spent researching invoicing and accounting software systems that could accommodate a business with invoicing, inventory and purchase order modules and realized there was a not much out there.

An Affordable Solution is Now Available

Based on the research done, the average monthly cost for a business to maintain a system with only 70% of the features MyBizPad™ offers costs approximately $600.00 a month with local server installations. Our current pricing comes in as low as $100.00 a month to $300.00 a month depending on the features your business needs with a cloud based solution. The Online Invoice System can be accessed from anywhere, and is backed up every hour of the day.

MyBizPad™ has many features for businesses that require to sell on credit terms. it is easy to use, we cut out the stuff you don’t need and created something that everyone in the store front can learn in one less than an hour, not days of training.

You will find the system has many checks and balances for people on the counter selling along with a real time activity report that displays everything that is going on with your sales people, invoicing and posting of payments.

You will have a real time view of your unpaid invoices, estimates due, payables due and much more.

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